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Our Values

We started our company to address the need for truly sustainable construction company for homeowners and businesses in the Front Range of Colorado. Our values are important to us, and we try to honor them in all aspects of our process.



Local Material
Local Knowledge
Local People



Healthy buildings for the people and the planet.


Low Impact

We aim to have low-impact projects both on the environment and you. 

Our Team

Ben Waldman

Ben got into building as a disaster relief volunteer after Hurricane Katrina, an experience he followed with other disaster relief work in Haiti and the northwest US. After taking several natural building workshops, he dug in to making building better homes his career in Denver. He is a Certified Passive House Craftsperson and a NARI Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. Ben spends his free time biking around Denver and hanging out with his family, including his young daughter.

Frank Wetenkamp

Frank started working as a carpenter while in high school. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Architectural studies. A Natural Building Intensive course at Yestermorrow Design Build School in Vermont set him up for a move to Colorado and an apprenticeship with Artesano Plasters. Frank is now a guest instructor with Yestermorrow and Community Rebuilds. When he isn’t building, Frank likes to snuggle cats, spend time by a fire with a game of stump, go camping, hike, and mountain bike.

Cheryl Corsiglia

Cheryl studied Environmental Science in college and transitioned into the construction industry through an internship with Community Rebuilds, building a straw bale home in Moab. An Earthen Building course in Nicaragua led to some Colorado connections with the natural building community. Being a tradesperson runs in the family: her grandfather designed and built houses in Florida. Most weekends, you’ll find Cheryl outside rock climbing, a hobby that has taken her to many beautiful and inspiring places.

Sam Johnson

Sam is intrigued by craft in many forms, whether building homes or creating art. Originally from New Mexico, he has lived in all the four corner states. He graduated from Arizona State University with a master’s degree in Civil and Sustainable Engineering. Additionally, he studied sustainable building and design at Yestermorrow School of Design and completed an internship with Community Rebuilds. He strives to make the world a more beautiful place. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, watching soccer and taking naps with his cat.

Marj Russow

Marj comes to building through being a regular member and participant at Common Earth events and work parties over the last several years. She also spent a year demolishing and rebuilding damaged homes in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. Before joining our crew, she worked in a horse stable, also taking lessons and boarding her own horses there. Her dream is to own her own land and stables. She has a well-rounded pet family, including a dog, several cats, and a snake named Rhonda.

Nate Hartokolis

Nate joined our team with a keen interest to learn more about construction and how to make a healthier and more efficient home. Most recently, Nate was working in the bike mechanic world. Nate’s hands-on skills are translating well to both carpentry and plaster. Nate has a car-free lifestyle, and we are all impressed by their ability to commute long distances daily on their bike.

Jaz Boehmke

Following a few natural building and plastering internships around the US, Jaz relocated to Colorado to join our team. They will be putting their skills to work with Living Plasters on our plaster specific jobs. When not plastering a wall or building homes, Jaz enjoys building community with humans, trees and mountains.


Sprocket is our part time office/job site dog who spends the rest of his time barking at passersby and napping on the couch. His specialties are really enthusiastic greetings and play fighting.


Lady is still just a pup, but she is currently taking puppy training classes with Frank on her weekends and touring Home Depot to get used to the job site atmosphere. She doesn’t like to take naps, but loves running around and playing with other dogs.

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What Our Clients Say

Everything you want in a contractor

Ben, Frank and Cheryl were a pleasure to work with on the project. Our plan was to alter a brick wood burning fireplace with a gas insert and to redefine and modernize its appearance and shape. Our first thought was concrete, which proved to be too heavy and expensive. Living Plasters’ suggestion of a finish …

Pride in their craft

We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with this dynamic team of professionals. We hired them to build out our unfinished 1000 sq. ft. basement. Ben put together a comprehensive estimate, finding competitive bids for the electrical, heating, plumbing, and drywall portions, plus concrete floor stain & polish. We were pleasantly surprised to find …

My favorite room

I am really pleased with my clay walls. The clay surface creates such a soft beauty full of subtle variations in tone and texture. Their natural, earthen feel gives the room a unique ambience. It’s now my favorite room in the house. Ben and Ethan were a great team and really worked with me to …

Beyond our expectations

We highly recommend Ben Waldman. His outstanding workmanship and professionalism were beyond our expectations.  Reliability, honesty, consideration and attention to detail were several of the qualities Ben demonstrated.  We will certainly call him if we need to have more work done in our home.

The work they did was superior

Ben Waldman and his crew were delighful to have in our home for 7 days; polite, friendly, conscientious, efficient, and hard working. They cleaned up every day, and all the work they did was superior. Ben is a thoughtful and fair businessman, who does what he says he will do, when he says he will …

Wonderful craftsmen

Ben and his partner who remodeled my small bathroom in my 80 year old house are wonderful craftsmen who designed a beautiful room that incorporated the elements I was looking for while suggesting adjustments that made the best use of the small space. The room had given me moisture and leakage problems for 25 years …

A gorgeous upgrade

Frank, Ben and team plastered a large portion of the inside of our house in Lyons over a four month period in 2016. This was over 3500 sq. ft of floor space with vaulted ceilings, rounded arches, and extensive trim work. The craftsmanship is incredible and the end result was a gorgeous upgrade to our …

Their art is a pleasure

We have been living in our straw bale house for two years. Every day we enjoy the beautiful artistic work Frank, Ben, and Cheryl did plastering the walls and applying the tadelakt technique in our bathroom and along our kitchen counters. Their art is a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch. Tadelakt walls …